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About Us

Founded by Tansy Baigent The Crypto Ethic came out of a need to teach crypto and create a crypto community that is centred around conscious connection, kindness and consideration for the self and others'

The Crypto Ethic is however not simply a haven to learn crypto and discover a beautiful and thriving crypto community, but is a place to vision and generate inspiration for how crypto and blockchain technology can be harnessed for greater ethical good in society.  

Within the Crypto Ethic there are a number of different programs which are offered to help the complete beginner or the gentle crypto dabbler. So if you would like to develop and/or deepen your understanding of crypto and learn how to enter the space then do browse these offerings.

The Crypto Ethic Community is just £4 per month and for this you gain access to the community, curated crypto content, course discounts AND a monthly 'live' online Q&A (beginners) for you to ask all the questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you into the fold,

With love x

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